Outside of the University of Houston's East Garage.

University of Houston East Garage

Using tech and impact studies to increase access, revenue, and safety.

Project Facts

Location Houston, Texas
Owner University of Houston
Size 5 levels
Status Completed 2009
Capacity 1,450 spaces


To accommodate a future influx of students, the University of Houston’s 2006 Campus Framework Plan included the addition of parking spaces. The East Garage was designed to meet the needs of students, faculty, visitors, and residents of the nearby campus loft.

Front view of the East Garage at the University of Houston.

Interior stairs of East Garage parking structure on University of Houston's campus.

A “double zero” ramp configuration designed for the East Garage at University of Houston.

Another outside view of the University of Houston's East Garage.

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About the project

With a projected influx of new students, the University of Houston needed an updated plan for more parking spaces on campus. The East Garage was designed to meet these needs by utilizing a “double zero” ramp configuration, which allowed the garage to have nested visitor parking and the capability to use the upper levels for overflow parking.

Walter P Moore provided specifications for the parking access/revenue control technology in the garage. The garage now uses pay-on-foot machines for visitors with pay stations located on the ground floor. The garage is also set up to accommodate future residential development on two sides.

Traffic engineering services for this project included a traffic impact study, site circulation review, TxDOT driveway approval, and traffic control plans. Recommendations from the study focused on the installation of a traffic signal, the addition of turn bays, and improvements to existing pavement markings to improve safety for vehicles and pedestrians.