Walter P Moore has the unique capabilities to support key elements of our clients’ SAFETY Act application process.

What is the SAFETY Act?

SAFETY Act stands for Support Anti-Terrorism by Fostering Effective Technologies. This program was implemented by the Department of Homeland Security in 2002 to provide incentives for development and deployment of anti-terrorism technologies by creating systems of risk and litigation management. Two levels of liability protection are considered: 

  • Designation – Department of Homeland Security caps a seller’s insurance liability in the event of an act of terrorism. 
  • Certification – Designation benefits, plus the seller can assert Government Contractor Defense for claims arising from acts of terrorism.

This program incentivizes our nation’s stadiums and other public venues to implement effective anti-terrorism technology. 

What can Walter P Moore do?

The SAFETY Act covers a broad range of technologies, including products, services, and software. Walter P Moore can support our clients through this process by leveraging our experience in Secure Design, Structural Engineering, Civil Engineering, and Traffic Planning. Our unique combination of engineering design expertise of large public venues, integration of related engineering services, and our experience performing threat vulnerability and risk assessments for federal government and private owners allows us to develop holistic and effective solutions that focus on each client’s unique features of their facility.

More specifically, Walter P Moore can provide the following services to support SAFETY Act pursuits:

  • Threat Vulnerability and Risk Assessment
  • Design Basis Threat determination
  • Vehicle vector analysis to assess barrier requirements
  • Blast analysis of glass and façade elements

Walter P Moore EXPERTS in the field

Please reach out to any one of our experts in SAFETY Act procedures to discuss how we can assist on your project. 

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