Transportation Planning

Walter P Moore is involved in the conceptual planning of many projects to identify potential traffic engineering issues and opportunities. We work closely with architects, planners, development teams, and stakeholders to develop site and campus plans that consider all users. We focus on all aspects of a person’s commute and travel experience. At the planning stage of a project, we show how service vehicles, emergency vehicles, valet operations, and other types of vehicles maneuver through a site. We listen to our clients about their traffic concerns and help develop a plan that enables them to meet their overall project vision.



Campus Planning

Walter P Moore has extensive experience in campus master planning. We understand that campus environments have special traffic and transportation characteristics that must be considered when planning future developments. The key issues that should be addressed include: walkability/accessibility, internal roadway network, transit, bicycles, special events, parking strategies, and parking supply.


Regional Transportation Planning

We provide transportation planning and modeling for local planning organizations. These efforts focus on understanding predicted travels patterns for a 10-20 year horizon. Recommendations are made for future thoroughfare planning and corridor improvements.


Urban / Livable Centers

Developing urban centers to meet the needs of residents, employees, and visitors is challenging from a transportation planning perspective. We plan activity centers to encourage walking and transit use, reducing the reliance on personal vehicles. We are careful to also plan for the growth of vehicular traffic in and around the center.


Special Districts

We serve as the general engineering consultant for several Management Districts and Tax Increment Reinvestment Zones. We help these organizations plan for growth in their area and the impact on the transportation system. In addition, Walter P Moore helps develop capital improvement programs for these districts so that they have their infrastructure spending planned for 3-5 years.


Funding Strategies 

Walter P Moore assists clients in developing strategies to fund infrastructure improvements, as well as, identify possible grant funding opportunities. We are able to help with grant writing and coordination with public agencies.