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Considering a career move is an enormous decision. You probably have questions. Which is great. We believe that being a strong creative thinker and problem solver starts with being curious. Here are answers to some of the most common career questions we hear. These should at least get you started.

Send your address, phone number, email address and a digital copy of your resume. If you include a cover letter, create one file that includes both the letter and resume.

Recruiters and managers typically review applications within a week to decide which candidates to interview, but response times can vary due to workload.

We try to respond promptly, but our high volume of applications prevents us from contacting everyone. If you don’t hear back and believe strongly that you’d be a great fit, click “Contact“ in the main navigation and reach out to Human Resources in our Houston office or the manager of the office where you want to be considered.

Most members of our team are between 25-55, with an average age of 37.

In their early years, entry-level employees typically get opportunities to work on many types of projects across sectors. As their experience grows, they often discover a passion for a certain sector and choose to specialize there.

Many factors come into play: The project’s needs, availability of personnel, individual expertise, client preference and more. Personal preference is also a factor, so we encourage team members to make their interests known.

A formal, written performance review is conducted annually, typically near year’s-end. A less formal review is given mid-year.

Performance reviews cover the responsibilities, skills, and characteristics required for success in a given role. The manager and employee discuss what’s working well and where improvements are needed, always with a focus on growth and advancement. Each employee is then asked to write goals for the upcoming year.

New employees are eligible on the first day of the month that follows their start date. For example, if you were to start on April 10th, you would be eligible May 1st.

Employees who work 20 or more hours a week are eligible for vacation time, which begins accruing immediately upon employment. Any employee who has worked at least six months can schedule vacation time.

Employees who consistently demonstrate outstanding leadership, technical or managerial capabilities, and a commitment to our company may be invited to become a principal. Nomination does have some tenure and education requirements. Principals can purchase stock and are seen as business partners in the company.

Whether up or down, regional or global, we’ve seen and weathered every type of market condition. Through decades of experience, we’ve learned to anticipate and moderate the disruptions that come with these peaks and valleys. Our “One Company” culture allows us to balance workload by drawing on the resources of our full team. For example, if one office is slow, that group’s expertise is utilized by other busier offices, almost seamlessly.