Learning is part of life at this company. Whether from your work experience, mentoring, or formal programs, we build, apply, and spread knowledge. We believe that those who “can" do. But those who do and teach achieve even more. The framework for supporting and expanding our knowledge base (yours and Walter P Moore’s) is our MooreLearning program, which consists of:

MooreLearning Mentoring

We believe in growing our own. So this is primarily for newly minted engineering grads. You are guided by others in the firm who are trained in mentoring. They help you 1) absorb our culture, 2) integrate into it, 3) master the technical learning curve, and 4) develop long-term fulfillment parameters. This is one of the reasons we keep people.

MooreLearning Technical Training
Technical Training

You come to us with good engineering skills. This program helps you develop them further. How? By strengthening your overall proficiency and knowledge, developing quality and consistency in your performance, familiarizing you with our many resources and tools, and stimulating your pursuit of learning and innovation.

MooreLearning Leadership Development
Leadership Development

Our reputation as a leader in our profession helps us attract the top engineers, the best team, and ultimately, important clients. We hone leadership in individuals through mentoring and through our Leadership & Professional Development Program. And while our leaders are in charge, you don’t have to be in charge here to lead. People lead by example. Furthermore, company-wide leadership is developed from within.

MooreLearning Professional Development
Professional Development

Your technical abilities are crucial. But we also look for other capabilities to develop. Like your understanding of engineering as a business, your organizational skills, marketing and business development, human resource development, and your own personal development. We value potential and help identify and activate yours.

MooreLearning FastTrack New Engineer Training

We put you on one from the start. No waiting to get involved. Our Structures and Diagnostics groups immerse you in a three-day program. Our Infrastructure Group initiates you into the company via a self-paced education program. You’re introduced to your role as an engineer both technically and professionally, learning what’s expected, getting familiar with best practices. And you’ll meet your senior leadership and become acquainted with newly hired peers. New can be daunting. We get you comfortable with your new career.

MooreLearning Project Management Training
Principles of Project Management

ECX (“extraordinary client experience”) is at the heart of our project management principles. It requires a deep understanding of our processes and their logic. This program provides that, along with the necessary skills of financial management, planning, monitoring, and project control. Our goal is foreveryone on a project, starting with the client, to enjoy an extraordinary experience (ECX).