Construction Engineering

Construction Engineering

The construction of complex structures presents a range of challenges to builders, fabricators, and erectors. Long span structures require careful attention to a variety of concerns, including crane and lift locations, erection stability, temporary stresses, and movement compatibilities. Complex connections demand careful coordination of clearances, attention to overall weight and fabrication complexity, and constructability. Temporary excavation support systems demand reliable and affordable solutions for uncertain subsurface loadings. Structures involving multiple trades without a single source of modeling and detailing information are often subject to field conflicts and schedule delays.

These challenges are commonly delegated by the design team to the builder, leaving a gap that must be filled with a qualified construction engineer who intimately understands the design behavior of modern structures and brings a practical understanding of how they are built.

Walter P Moore fills the gap between design and construction with a team of specialty consultants who provide a range of services needed to safely and economically build these structures. Each team member brings individual experience with structural design as well as construction sensibility. We bring a holistic approach to our work that considers the desired aesthetic of the finished product while seeking construction speed, simplicity, and economy. We use digital tools to accelerate our work and produce highly reliable deliverables.



Steel Connection Design

Steel connection design requires careful attention to load path through components, and appreciation of how the connection node fits into the overall structure. We balance the art and science of steel connections, designing to drive more economical designs and constructible solutions.

Erection Engineering

During construction, structures must withstand stresses in an ever-changing series of states. We serve erectors in the development of construction sequencing by providing stability and critical lift analysis, verification of structures during temporary conditions and design of temporary bracing.

Design of Temporary Works

Industry standards and best practices are lacking or non-existent for loading and performance requirements of these often unusual forms. Our experience with temporary works helps us serve clients where there is no “off the shelf” solution.

Excavation Support Systems 

The interaction between soil and retaining structures is highly indeterminate, so choosing the right retention system demands that we blend an understanding of soil characteristics, tailored structural performance criteria, and the expertise of the excavation contractor. We seek to create systems that are adaptable to a variety of configurations in the field.

Fabrication Modeling and Detailing

We develop models and associated fabrication drawings of structural steel, cold-formed steel and concrete reinforcing. This is particularly valuable in areas where multiple trades and materials interface which reduces the chance of scope gaps, and helps prevent costly and surprising conflicts in the field.

Stephen Blumenbaum

Stephen Blumenbaum
Construction Engineering