Enclosure Engineering

Enclosure Engineering

No other building system has more impact on the overall look, character and performance of a building than its façade.  Driven by increased demand for indoor comfort, quality and energy conservation, today’s facades systems are becoming more sophisticated, intelligent and integral within the overall building design.  Market factors such as supplier fragmentation, proprietary technology and varied procurement strategies conspire to make well-informed façade design a significant challenge for today’s designers.

To meet this need for well-informed and objective façade advisory, Walter P Moore offers a world-class team of technical experts who understand every aspect of façade engineering.  Leveraging our expertise in structural engineering and building envelope diagnostics, our façade engineering team supports architects and designers with best-in-class advice on the design, detailing and procurement of today’s modern façade systems.

Providing coordination of aesthetic and performance requirements,  we collaborate with architects to simplify the façade design process.  In the process we provide improved process controls for cost and scopes, guide façade procurement and deliver an overall higher level of system integration and performance.

Our Enclosure Engineering team works seamlessly with our Building Enclosure Diagnostics practice to provide a life cycle engineering capability for building enclosures of all types. To learn more about our Building Enclosure practice, click here.



Performance Specification and Design Criteria Development

We specify building façade systems’ performance criteria that integrates both structural and environmental performance of the project including:

  • Loading criteria
  • Materials performance
  • Testing Regimen
  • Environmental performance
  • Coordination and review of façade related specifications


Façade Structural Design

Façade structural design and engineering services includes the following, depending on the client’s aspirations:

  • Façade systems conceptualization and optimization
  • Materials research, selection, and specification
  • Integrated design of façade and structure
  • Detailed membrane and ETFE engineering
  • BIM modeling of complex façades
  • Façade assembly detailing
  • Seismic engineering of façades
  • Secure design including blast analysis
  • Building physics modeling including solar, daylighting, shading, and glare analysis
  • Thermodynamic modeling including energy, thermal and condensation
  • Waterproofing services


Procurement Guidance

Walter P Moore guides clients during the procurement process providing any of the following:

  • Recommendations of optimum procurement methodology
  • Identification/prequalification of vendors
  • Preparation of design criteria and bid documents for the project
  • Evaluation of bids and proposals
  • Evaluation of alternates proposed by vendors


Performance Validation

Walter P Moore provides façade system performance validation for clients at various levels of the project including:

  • Performance and visual mock up assessment
  • Shop drawing and engineering report review
  • Peer review services
  • Quality assurance and installation oversight during installation
  • Oversight of façade site testing regimens
  • Installation punch list
Erik Verboon

Erik Verboon
Enclosure Engineering