Enclosure Practice

Enclosure Practice

Comprehensive Enclosure Stewardship

The Challenge

The enclosure of a building - including its facades, roofing and subsystems - influence the aesthetics and life-cycle performance more than any other element. A fine balance of aesthetics, cost efficiency and enclosure performance are critical to a successful project. The ever increasing complexity of building enclosure architecture combined with increasing functional performance requirements, limited budgets, and compressed project schedules can challenge even the most skilled design teams to deliver building enclosure systems that perform as intended. This has created a need for highly specialized building enclosure expertise.

The Solution

To meet this need, Walter P Moore provides a comprehensive suite of services to support the creation, design, detailing, performance, installation, maintenance, and renewal of enclosure systems. Our Enclosure Practice includes specialists in every aspect of enclosure, façade and roofing systems, offering holistic stewardship of the building envelope throughout its life cycle. We create and steward enclosure systems that meet aesthetic and performance goals, are highly sustainable, and are cost effective to build and maintain. Our specialists bring proven knowledge in the engineering, detailing, manufacturing, procurement, and construction of new building enclosures as well as in evaluation, repair, maintenance and renewal of existing enclosures.

The Creation Process - Enclosure Engineering

During the design phase our façade designers and engineers collaborate with architects to enable the creation of elegant and affordable façade systems that meet a specific set of performance objectives. We supply timely and objective information across a broad spectrum of expertise: material selection, optioneering, geometric complexity and performance modeling, waterproofing and final design and system detailing. We integrate enclosure design with structural design to create a truly holistic solution. Our specialists bring expertise across all façade performance criteria, including thermal performance, acoustics, structural behavior, air and water management, hygrothermal performance, solar reflectivity, heat gain, shadowing, glare, and tuning of the enclosure for optimal HVAC performance. We recommend appropriate procurement strategies and guide the design process through performance-based specification or full prescriptive design.

The Renewal Process - Enclosure Diagnostics

For existing enclosure systems of all types, Walter P Moore's diagnostics specialists bring extensive experience in developing maintenance programs, enclosure assessments, comprehensive retrofit and restoration, and building reuse and repositioning strategies. Our enclosure teams harvest lessons from the assessment and repair of existing enclosures and infuse those lessons into our design process for new enclosure systems, improving the practicality and performance of our designs. Our integrated cross-discipline methodology is fundamental to our comprehensive service offering, leveraging system integration and coordination to create cost effective solutions, improve interdisciplinary communication, optimize building performance, and preserve design intent.

Benefits of Comprehensive Stewardship by Walter P Moore

  1. Our holistic approach addresses all enclosure system performance goals over the life cycle, improving building performance, decreasing maintenance expenses, and reducing risks.
  2. Our integration of enclosure design with structural design can yield substantial improvements in cost and performance of structural and HVAC systems through building system performance optimization, modularization, and installation.
  3. Specialized diagnostics skills and feedback loops build maintainability, durability, and value into the design, reducing life cycle costs for maintenance.

Enclosure Engineering

Facade Engineering and Systems Development

  • Performance criteria
  • Design concepts and review
  • Materials research
  • Geometry control and complex modeling
  • Optioneering and budgeting
  • Basis of design engineering

Final Design

  • System confirmation
  • Enclosure physics performance evaluation
    • Heat gain/loss
    • LEED V4.0 life cycle analysis
    • Solar, daylighting, and glare analysis
  • Complete enclosure design
  • Structural design
    • Integration
    • Wind and seismic resistance
    • Design for terrorism and blast forces
  • Geometry controls and modeling
  • Fabrication and constructability advisory
    • Modularization, transport, and installation sequencing
  • Durability assessment
  • Maintenance access consulting
  • Enclosure specifications

Procurement and Construction

  • Performance specifications
  • Complete documentation for bidding
  • Bid support
  • Subcontractor prequalification and selection
  • Performance testing oversight
  • Submittal review
  • Quality assurance testing
  • Commissioning

Enclosure Diagnostics

  • Enclosure commissioning and Retro commissioning
  • Building science performance modeling
  • Pre-purchase due diligence assessments
  • Condition assessments and life cycle post analysis
  • Maintenance programs/Warranty reviews
  • Capital assessment management programs
  • Enclosure health monitoring
  • Enclosure peer review
  • Waterproofing evaluation and repair design
  • Prioritization, budgeting and sequencing
  • Enclosure rehabilitation, recladding design and construction administration
  • Roofing replacement design and construction administration
  • Installation monitoring services
  • Waterproofing details
  • Enclosure specifications
Enclosure Engineering Practice Leader
Erik Verboon

Erik Verboon
Enclosure Engineering

Enclosure Diagnostics Practice Leader
David Ford

David Ford
Enclosure Diagnostics