Multi-colored data center Cat-6 cables organized in a network router.

Mission Critical

Building confidence

We help clients keep critical data, communications and intelligence flowing, to ensure the stability and agility of 24/7 operations. Drawing on deep experience in tech-centric and secure design, we help organizations protect, serve, and act.


As the world moves from paper filing to electronic data storage, the need for large capacity mission critical facilities has grown. These facilities have become the backbone of organizations’ operations and they must be reliable. At Walter P Moore, we work with owners to find the right balance between system reliability and cost. Whether its tornadic wind forces, secure design or sustainability, we develop design criteria that best suit the owner’s concerns, while maintaining the structure’s economic viability.


Some owners choose to modify an existing building for their new mission critical facility. This type of adaptive reuse often requires the strengthening of horizontal framing members and columns to support the heavy loading of a mission critical facility.