Joe Dowd

Senior Principal/Structures

Practice Areas

Joe thrives when collaborating on projects where the structure is part of the spectacle and the structural engineer is much more engaged in helping to establish the aesthetic of the venue.  He engages with architectural designers early and often to help guide these projects dominated by structural issues toward realization.  As a result, Joe has left his mark on innovative and iconic sports venues that boast structural solutions that have repeatedly established new standards for the design of sports facilities such as AT&T Stadium, Mosaic Stadium, Dickies Arena, SoFi Stadium, Globe Life Field, and many others.


Joe has built more than two decades of structural engineering practice engaging in a diverse spectrum of project types including sports, healthcare, education, entertainment, aviation, and more while employing a broad palette of material types including concrete, steel, mass timber, cables, tensile fabric, and others.  He has the varied ability to both focus on complex analyses and individual specialty projects while also leveraging his experience to empower and guide project teams toward collective technical success.  His collaborative attitude and innovative ideas make him a dependable resource for internal staff and a trusted partner for clients.


B.S. Civil Engineering, Texas A&M University, Summa Cum Laude
M.S. Structural Engineering, The University of Texas at Austin


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