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Care deeply, act purposefully

Our people are bright, imaginative, confident, trustworthy, connected, approachable and most important, collaborative. We are a tightly knit team of experts who care immensely about bringing our clients’ goals to life. Our passion is palpable. Our purpose is clear. These are the people of Walter P Moore.

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Rachel Wilde Cropped 2023 2 large

Rachel Wilde

Mark Williams

Mark Williams

Dennis Wittry

Dennis Wittry

Headshot of Henry Yau

Henry Yau

Tom Yost

Tom Yost

Kurt young cropped 2019 large

Kurt Young

Andy yung

Andy Yung

Ken Zarembski

Kenneth Zarembski

Karim zulfiqar cropped 2021

Karim Zulfiqar

Jie Zuo Cropped 2024 large

Jie Zuo