15th Street Downtown Plano Brick Pavers Reconstruction


City of Plano


Completion Date: 2017

Construction Cost: $190,000

15th Street Downtown Plano Brick Pavers Reconstruction


Historic downtown Plano has become a thriving retail, restaurant and entertainment area. However, the brick streets which provide much of the charm and character have become maintenance headaches and intolerably rough to traverse. Walter P Moore was selected by the City to study the existing infrastructure and develop conceptual options for repair. Due to budget limitations, the City and business owners selected the option which utilized the existing street profile and limited improvements to the street, not including the sidewalks and accessibility issues.

The physically small project was full of large challenges to rehabilitate the street while maintaining traffic flow to the businesses and parking for their customers. A Competitive Sealed Proposal repair package was developed to rehabilitate the brick street and two intersections to improve the driving surface with the least impact on traffic and parking. Isolated repair locations were defined for bidding and details were developed for all anticipated repairs.

In the end, the project evolved from a $1.4 million long-term reconstruction project to a short-term $190,000 repair project. Walter P Moore and the City of Plano repeatedly manipulated the project scope to match the concerns of the downtown residents and business owners.