59th Terrace Preliminary Engineering Study and Improvements


City of Shawnee


Completed: 2015

Construction Cost: $435,200

Project Size: 300 LF Roadway
                     500 LF Storm Sewer

59th Terrace Preliminary Engineering Study and Improvements


In keeping with the City of Shawnee’s commitment to continually improve the quality of life in the community by maintaining and upgrading its basic infrastructure, City staff identified an area south of City Hall in need of revitalization due to roadways in poor condition and several property owners experiencing stormwater drainage issues due to aging and/or undersized storm sewer systems. Much of the stormwater runoff within the area is conveyed by roadside ditches and many of these ditches present a serious danger to the vehicles travelling adjacent to them. Most of the asphalt roadway pavement is in poor condition with varying widths and no curb and gutter. The neighborhood consists of a variety of property uses including single and multi-family residential, commercial, a church and a school. There are very few sidewalks in the area and little to no street lighting exists within the neighborhood making for unsafe conditions for residents.    

In 2013, the City of Shawnee decided to apply Community Development Block Grant (“CDBG”) funds over the next several years to improve this area. Walter P Moore was selected to complete a Preliminary Engineering Study (“PES”), meeting the requirements of the Johnson County Stormwater Management Advisory Council (“SMAC”), for 59th Terrace between King Street and Flint Street. After receiving SMAC funding to alleviate flooding in the area, the City contracted Walter P Moore in 2015 to design and prepare construction documents for the 59th Terrace project. The improvements included an underground storm sewer system to convey runoff to the concrete lined channel west of Flint Street and roadway improvements between King Street and Flint Street to convey runoff to the underground system. The roadway improvements included new asphalt pavement with concrete curb and gutter, new driveways to the adjacent properties, including the St. Joseph Church and School, and a new sidewalk for future pedestrian connections to the neighborhood.