Camp Strake has rows of cabins.

Boy Scouts of America New Camp Strake

Empowering youth through camp adventures

Project Facts

Location San Jacinto County, Texas
Owner Boy Scouts of America
Size 1,400 acre camp
Status Completed 2015


Camp Strake’s construction, spanning acres of wooded forests, resembled the design complexity of a small rural college campus. The completed project has evolved into an exceptional environment where youth can cultivate leadership skills through immersive outdoor adventures.

There is a dining hall at Camp Strake.

Boy Scouts can access the lake at Camp Strake.

A large covered area is used for gatherings at Camp Strake.

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About the project

When the Boy Scouts of America purchased 2,816 acres of semi-primitive land north of Houston, they turned to our team for the development of the new Camp Strake Phase I. Designed to be an outdoor adventure experience, the camp includes 20 campsites, climbing pavilions, shooting sports center, zip lines, and an extensive trail system.

We compared possible locations for the new 28-acre lake, performed hydrologic studies for dam safety, designed the dam and spillway, and obtained a water rights permit. Because the land was heavily forested, a topographic survey would take too long and be costly. Instead, we did a LIDAR survey tied to land elevation benchmarks, which assisted in the design and saved countless trees that would have been cut to survey a standard grid format. We created an ESRI-based GIS app that allowed the architect and builder to understand where they were on the large site and what was being planned at any exact location. This helped better orient buildings and other features to maximize the experience of nature.

Our stormwater pollution prevention plan during construction helped minimize sediment in runoff water. Our recommendations included a forced main system that sent effluent through pumps to the new onsite wastewater treatment facility. Perimeter swales were used around buildings to drain off stormwater. 

Our team included the Boy Scouts. Their passion for Camp Strake is reflected in accolades from the client for consistent coordination and dedication to maintaining a sensitive semi-primitive site with low-impact amenities. Our creative responses to the site’s challenges reflect our extensive experience in park and recreational projects.