The exterior of a light-colored building with a row of windows along the right side, connected to a slightly taller matching color tower on the left. Below the windows, a row of pink flowering trees lines the side of the building.

Dallas Museum of Art Enclosure Consulting

Designing for preservation

Project Facts

Location Dallas, Texas
Owner City of Dallas
Status Completed 2023


As a cultural landmark in the heart of Downtown Dallas, the Dallas Museum of Art stands as a testament to human creativity, housing a collection of over 24,000 pieces and 5,000 years of history. Recognizing the importance of preserving this invaluable facility, our team was entrusted with the critical task of addressing persistent moisture infiltration threatening both the below-grade parking garage and exterior perimeters, including the iconic Fleischner Courtyard. Using innovative investigative techniques, our repair solutions ensured that the museum is protected for generations to come.

A wall of windows divides an indoor seating area from an outdoor courtyard, adorned with brightly colored decorations illuminated by sunlight. Four people stand at the threshold of the door.

About the project

This multi-story, limestone clad museum serves as a creative escape for the city and hosts a variety of events throughout the year. Occupants of the museum had reported long-time moisture infiltration in the below-grade parking garage as well as other exterior perimeters, including the Fleischner Courtyard. Our team was hired as the exterior envelope consultant to determine the origin of the moisture intrusion, develop conceptual repairs, and implement a repair design for the enclosure based on the client’s priorities to protect the invaluable art housed inside. The investigation phase consisted of a visual review of the exterior envelope and grade adjacent to the building, as well as borings, test pits, water testing of the curtain wall, and drain scoping.

Through our investigation, it was determined water infiltration is primarily due to lack of drainage adjacent to the exterior envelope, undersized drainage systems, pervasive clogging of storm sewer lines and vulnerabilities in the curtain wall system. Our team developed repair documents to address the water infiltration.