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Hermann Park Lake Plaza

Bridging nature and urban spaces

Project Facts

Location Houston, Texas
Owner Hermann Park Conservancy
Size 8 acres


Nestled in the heart of Houston, Hermann Park is the city’s most frequented public park, offering convenient proximity to numerous attractions. Enhancements to the Plaza adjacent to McGovern Lake fostered a seamless outdoor integration between the park’s natural allure and its constructed surroundings. These improvements provide a sustainable solution and harmoniously connect the park and adjoining zoo facilities, enhancing the overall visitor experience.

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About the project

The eight-acre Hermann Park Lake Plaza is a jewel in the center of Houston’s world-class municipal park. Working with White Oak Design Studio, Walter P Moore designed parking, detention, and a sanitary lift station for the $11 million Hermann Park Lake Plaza improvements. The project included the major renovation of pedestrian areas and landscaping and the construction of a coffee shop, restaurant, boat house, train depot, and maintenance building for the Houston Zoo. The team’s drainage improvements included a creative solution for detention utilizing an existing creek remnant as a bioswale with special landscaping to make the area a park feature.