Houston Methodist Hospital Paula & Joseph Walter III Tower


Houston Methodist


Construction Cost
$486 million

Completion Date
September 2017

Project Size
925,000 SF new construction
32,500 SF renovation
378 new beds

Houston Methodist Hospital Paula & Joseph Walter III Tower


The Methodist North Campus is located adjacent to four existing buildings and will be linked structurally to three of them. Walter P Moore has worked closely with the owner to make the North Campus as flexible as possible for future equipment. For example, a raised access floor was provided under the cath labs in order to allow Methodist to upgrade equipment without impacting the operating rooms below.

Connecting to the existing Dunn Tower structure across Wilkins Drive presented unique challenges to the team as existing columns did not have sufficient structural capacity and adding an additional line of columns was not feasible due to extensive underground utilities. The team ultimately chose to construct a series of 66 foot long cantilevered trusses to bear the load of the new building. The trusses are recessed into the Level 4 raised access floor to minimize the impact of their depth, and they are tapered in depth along their length to allow for mechanical ductwork.

Walter P Moore worked extensively with the general contractor to phase construction throughout the project in order to minimize the impact on the hospital’s operations. We were also able to allow a 600 ton crane to bear on the existing Wilkins Drive loading dock to be able to erect the 46,000 lb skybridge which connects Levels 9 & 10 of the north campus to the existing Dunn Tower. Being able to lift the skybridge from Wilkins Drive avoided impacting both the emergency drive and light rail operations which were impacts of other options considered.