A northern view of Kansas City's historic auditorium, which features three inlaid and carved medallions, and an entryway topped with three flag staffs.

Municipal Auditorium Exterior Restoration

Mastery in historic restoration

Project Facts

Location Kansas City, Missouri
Owner City of Kansas City


Embarking on the delicate task of preserving a historic landmark after long-deferred maintenance, our team’s engineering work at Municipal Auditorium becomes paramount. Built in 1935, Municipal Auditorium is a Kansas City landmark that has been recognized nationally for its architectural value. The success of this intricate restoration underscores the expertise of our team, and our ability to safeguard the structural and architectural integrity of this significant piece of Kansas City’s history.

A distant view of the Municipal Auditorium that showcases the three large marquees over each of the three entryways, with the two outer marquees topped with three flag poles each. The center focal-point of the building are three large carved and inlaid medallions on the facade,

One of three inlaid and carved medallions on the outside of the building. This one features a man seated on stones, holding a rounded disc in his right hand. Before him is a branch of foliage, which he is looking toward.

A woman walks down a neatly paved walkway lined with three young trees. Behind her is a stately historic building, with three floors taking up the majority of the frame and hinting at more above. In the foreground are three lanes of a city street.

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About the project

Our team played a pivotal role in the masonry restoration project at Municipal Auditorium, serving as Façade Design Engineers and overseeing extensive construction administration services as the Quality Control Manager for masonry construction. 

Initiated in 2010, the comprehensive exterior restoration addressed deferred maintenance, including masonry, decorative metalwork, doors, windows, and exterior lighting systems. Our meticulous approach involved complete repointing of mortar joints, cleaning accumulated atmospheric and biological growth, and addressing deteriorating masonry and stabilizing medallion sculptures. In our role as Quality Control Manager, we maintained stringent control over unit price repair items, ensuring that the work adhered to best practices and project specifications.