North Garfield Avenue


City of Kansas City, Missouri


Services: Roadway Design / Utility System Design / Storm Water Services

Construction Cost: $700,000

Project Size: 1,900 LF

North Garfield Avenue

Kansas City

Walter P Moore teamed with MEGA Industries on this award-winning design-build project. The roadway reconstruction included pavement removal, a new asphalt roadway with concrete curbs and gutters, intersection improvements, drainage improvements, residential driveway replacements, and new concrete sidewalks.

The existing asphalt street varied in width and had roadside ditches to convey stormwater runoff. The existing narrow street section, power poles, underground utilities, and residential driveway slopes made the design a challenge. The horizontal alignment was designed to vary with respect to the right-of-way to accommodate existing site features, without being noticeable to the drivers. The roadway cross-section was designed to match the existing grades and features along the corridor and minimize utility relocations, reduce disruptions to the property owners, and lower overall construction costs.

A vegetated filter strip was included to improve the quality of storm water runoff before it enters the City’s park property. In addition to this Best Management Practice, native grass seeding was incorporated along the project.