North Indiana Roadway Improvements


City of Kansas City, Missouri


Services: Roadway Design / Utility System Design / Storm Water Services

Construction Cost: $2.6 million

Project Size: Phase I - 1,042 LF, Phase II - 1,148 LF

North Indiana Roadway Improvements

Kansas City

North Indiana Avenue is a residential collector located in Kansas City, Missouri between Vivion Road and the City of Gladstone, Missouri city limits. The existing roadway section consisted of a narrow asphalt street, open roadside drainage ditches, limited underground storm sewer systems, and no sidewalks. Mill Creek, a major drainage corridor, crossed under North Indiana Avenue through a deteriorated corrugated metal culvert with stone headwalls which also served as a one-lane bridge.

After completing a study which evaluated four different roadway typical section options for the street improvements and performing hydrologic and hydraulic calculations for multiple options to replace the existing bridge structure, Walter P Moore was hired to design a complete roadway reconstruction and bridge replacement.

As a result of budget limitations the project was separated into two design and construction phases. Phase 1 included the Mill Creek culvert/bridge replacement and partial roadway replacement. Phase 2 included the reconstruction of the remaining roadway and design of storm water management practices to meet the City’s water quality requirements. Both phases included water main replacement, new street lighting, intersection improvements, sidewalks, and driveways.