Springwoods Village Master Plan and Community Development


Coventry Development Corporation


Size: 1,800 acre development

Modes: Autos / Buses / Pedestrians / Bicycles

Features: sustainability-based master planned community / LID drainage master plan

Springwoods Village Master Plan and Community Development


Springwoods Village, an 1,800-acre master planned community is being developed adjacent to the new ExxonMobil corporate campus, located just north of Houston and adjacent to a major north/south transportation artery, Interstate 45. The development will encompass multiple neighborhoods and places of business.

Walter P Moore has been involved from the beginning helping plan this sustainable community.  Facilitating a sustainability summit to identify the sustainable principles to guide the master plan, we continued to plan the drainage, traffic and roadway infrastructure. The master plan included stormwater detention, drainage, roadways, bridges, traffic signals, lighting, electrical, and telecommunications. Springwoods Village’s drainage system is one of the first in Harris County to use low impact development concepts. Other sustainable concepts have been incorporated including a non-potable water utility, planned development guidelines for sustainable developments, and open drainage corridors that provide walkable linkage to recreation venues. Water P Moore has played a key role in the coordination efforts with Texas Department of Transportation, Harris County, the Grand Parkway Association, and adjacent developers.  

With a major increase in residents to the area, major traffic challenges will come. Walter P Moore’s traffic engineers employed a simulation traffic model to identify the necessary traffic control devices, lane configurations, and intersections. A second model, incorporating vehicles, pedestrians, and public transit gave us usage projections based upon completion phases. This permitted us to plan for future transit centers within the development. Videos of the simulation model have been helpful to stakeholders in making roadway design decisions, including adjusting the partially completed Grand Parkway.

For more information on our master drainage plan, see Springwoods Village MDP.