University of Kansas Medical Center Parking Garage No. 3


University of Kansas Medical Center


Size: 962 spaces

Construction Cost: $14 million

University of Kansas Medical Center Parking Garage No. 3

Kansas City

Walter P Moore provided structural and civil engineering design services as well as parking consulting services for Parking Garage No. 3 on the campus of the University of Kansas Medical Center.

The five-story structure is nestled adjacent to two existing bluffs. The 962-vehicle garage incorporates two pedestrian bridges and a vehicle bridge. There are three sets of single run stairs in three corners of the garage, and it has one bank of two elevators in the exterior elevator tower. A cast-in-place, post-tensioned structural system was used for the garage. The exterior façade is precast panels that have brick inlays.

The functional design features four bays with a contiguous two-bay middle ramp system with horizontal elevations on all sides. It is a one way flow with three lanes of equipment on level one and two lanes of equipment on the fifth level vehicular bridge. All equipment is outside the garage footprint.

Site improvements included the relocation of a 36-inch public storm sewer and an 18-inch, 45-foot deep sanitary sewer; an 80-car surface parking lot; private utility services for the garage; and an underground stormwater detention system designed to treat the “first flush” of stormwater runoff.