Restoration & Renovation

Restoration & Renovation

Walter P Moore engineers understand that all facilities and structures experience wear and tear or operational problems, interrupting the services that end-users expect. These may require restoration or renovation for a variety of reasons such as repairing distress, repurposing for a new use, strengthening to increase load capacity, or correcting defects from construction or design. Our team works with facility owners and managers to keep their properties online, safe, and functioning seamlessly. 

Our Team


Our assessment programs are tailored to your project requirements and often include nondestructive testing and materials consulting to better understand existing conditions. Additionally, we provide design and construction administration services to ensure that deficiencies are appropriately addressed in a safe and timely manner. 

In any restoration project, our structural solutions are proven to minimize disruptions, respect budget concerns, and extend each facility’s service life. Our clients trust us with their facilities, again and again, because we are deeply invested in their long-term successes and passionate about preserving the built environment.