Designing world-class, user-friendly parking garages requires exceptional leadership which we provide when serving as the Design Team Project Manager (Lead Consultant) for owners. Walter P Moore possesses a proven ability to orchestrate a diverse team of architects, engineers, and consultants. We systematically coordinate all design aspects of the project to ensure that our clients receive a parking facility that provides the highest level of service along with the efficiencies required to meet budgets and space count requirements. Walter P Moore understands the importance of design elements which minimize long-term maintenance and maximize return on investment. Our designs blend form and function to provide an exceptional parking experience that is a true asset of any development both operationally and financially.

The Design-Build delivery method offers an opportunity for the design team to work in unison with the contractor to provide the Owner with a parking facility that is both functional and cost effective. We understand the issues and design elements critical to delivering a facility which meets the Owner’s project goals.