Façade Assessment, Repair and Recladding

Façades set the tone and expression of the aesthetic appeal of buildings, but they also have a major functional role in building performance. Façades must actively control water, air, vapor, and heat transfer between the exterior and interior. Walter P Moore understands how façades should be designed and constructed to deliver high performance and durability. Our engineers use non-destructive testing, detailed observations, and exploratory openings to understand the nature of the existing construction and causes of distress. We use state-of-the-art modeling to determine performance and the relative performance of repair/replacement alternates. Our re-cladding projects improve the safety, energy performance, and aesthetics of building façades. Walter P Moore also performs construction administration services and in-place commissioning testing to ensure our designs are installed properly and constructed for long-term serviceability.

Our Building Enclosure team works seamlessly with our Facade Engineering practice to provide a life cycle engineering capability for building enclosures of all types. To learn more about our Façade Engineering practice, click here.