New Building Design

The design and construction of today’s sophisticated buildings demands a partnership.  For buildings with complex structural systems that are integral to project success, the stakes go up in choosing your structural engineer. 

Walter P Moore’s core structural engineering business is the design of new buildings. We design buildings of all types, with particular focus on building types that present significant structural challenges and demand specialized engineering expertise.

Every project is led by a principal and our teams are assigned for the duration of the project through construction.  For us, good engineering demands leadership, teamwork, urgency, and continual creativity.  We seek to be leaders at every stage of the project design, drawing on our collective body of knowledge through Walter P Moore’s global team platform, our R&D team, and Communities of Practice. 

In establishing design criteria, we strive to optimize long term building performance and adaptability, while minimizing first construction costs and speed of construction.  Our engineers maintain leadership roles in shaping building codes, seismic and wind design codes, and concrete, steel, and innovative structural material standards throughout the industry.

  • Secure design
  • Sustainable design
  • Parametric modeling
  • Performance based design
  • BIM capabilities
  • Long span structures
  • Kinetic structures
  • Membrane structures