Parking Consulting

Our goal is to deliver parking solutions with the end user in mind. With this philosophy, we continually strive to provide the maximum value for our clients by leveraging our broad experience with parking design, construction, and operations; where the majority of the life-cycle cost is expended. By implementing our knowledge, expertise and design methodologies early in the planning phase, clients are able to save valuable time and money so they can reach their ultimate project vision.

Sustainable Parking Consulting
Parking structures present their own environmental challenges and opportunities. Using the standards and ratings provided by the International Parking Institute’s Green Parking Council, our Green Garage Assessors help guide clients through the process of designing a sustainable parking facility. 

Owners want to provide users with a high level of service while achieving their budgetary goals. Our broad range of studies focus on maximizing the Owner’s parking asset. For a list of Walter P Moore studies, view the following sector sheet.   

Operational Consulting
Drawing on our experience with the day-to-day demands of managing a parking facility, our operational consulting includes operational plans, equipment vendor selection, valet analysis, and operator selection. From small surface parking lots to several thousand space multi-level parking structures, each facility presents its own challenges. Whether it’s the development of a rate analysis program or determining a staffing plan, we can help your bottom line.