All developments, big or small, urban or suburban, share a fundamental need to provide adequate parking to support its generators and to promote sustainable growth. Walter P Moore understands that providing “adequate parking” is not just limited to code requirements for a single facility. Taking a holistic approach to parking, we know that parking facility location, allocation, traffic patterns and transportation options require alignment with the vision and goals of the overall master plan for the
development and surrounding area.

Land development is at a premium and smart planning of parking demand is a key to a successful project. For mixed-use projects, shared parking is a planning tool that can lead to lower construction costs, opportunity to construct fewer parking spaces than code might require, and increase the overall parking utilization of a development. The goal of shared parking analysis is to find the balance between providing adequate parking to support a development while minimizing the negative aspects of excessive land area or resources devoted to parking. We can “right-size” your parking facility and parking needs.

Our team has provided parking planning for a variety of clients including higher education and healthcare campuses, municipalities, commercial institutions, sports venues, and transportation hubs across the country. We work with owners and architects to develop a parking plan that will meet the future parking needs and provide solutions that will enhance future development.

Services Provided

  • Mobility Master Planning (Pedestrian, Traffic, Parking and Transportation)
  • Parking and Transportation Planning
  • Parking Supply and Demand Studies
  • Parking Shared Use Analysis
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Traffic Engineering and Impact Analysis