Energy Drive at Springwoods Village


CDC Houston and Harris County Improvement District 18


Size: 3,700 LF

Service: Roadway Design

Features: LID drainage / modern roundabout

Energy Drive at Springwoods Village


Energy Drive, within the Springwoods Village development in Spring, Texas, was one of the first streets developed, setting the standard for future streets. This urban divided roadway and its three new intersecting roads to IH 45 (Crossington Way, Mossy Oaks, and Belvedere) is a key commercial artery in the development serving major corporate campuses and creating a spectacular scenic corridor. Walter P Moore designed the roadway, drainage, and traffic systems for Energy Drive from Springwoods Village Boulevard to Belvedere Road. The roadway design was routed to save approximately 120 existing trees, including two 80+ year old trees in the center of a roundabout intersection with East Mossy Oaks Drive. The modern roundabout helps control traffic through the special roundabout design eliminating the need for stop signs and traffic signals at this busy intersection. The new roadway is a Low Impact Development system that provides drainage and water quality benefits including attenuated peak flows, green water quality features that treat the drainage from the streets and adjacent development to improve the downstream water quality, and provides for a pleasing natural parkway landscape. The large trees in the middle provide a nice amenity showcasing the natural environment of Springwoods Village. In addition, Walter P Moore provided drainage design, horizontal and vertical alignments, on-street parking planning and design, sidewalk and curb ramp design, and signing and pavement markings.