You are looking at the front entrance of the Steelhouse at an angle.

Steelhouse Omaha

Harmonizing history and innovation

Project Facts

Location Omaha, Nebraska
Owner Omaha Performing Arts
Size 180,000 SF
Cost $110 Million
Status Completed 2023


The Steelhouse Omaha project played a crucial role in the overarching strategy for the Omaha Performing Arts campus. Combining a nod to the steel industry’s rich heritage with a cutting-edge design, the building stands as an electrifying music venue, catering to fans of all genres with a flexible space.

The inside of the performing arts center offers a large amount of seating.

You are walking along the fence by the Steelhouse in Omaha.

Standing and looking at the front of the Steelhouse Omaha building.

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About the project

Omaha Performing Arts (O-pa) is an exceptional arts campus for high-quality performance and entertainment. For the Steelhouse addition, the team offered a multidisciplinary approach by providing structural and enclosure engineering for the new expansion of the existing center. The project was led by Ennead architects, who designed the existing Holland Center of the Performing Arts in Omaha, Nebraska. In addition to the Steelhouse, the campus includes the Holland Addition—a three-story, curtain-wall-clad education and rehearsal space connected to the existing zinc- and glass-clad building—and a Live Music Venue across the street—which includes a courtyard to host outdoor performances and events. 

The Steelhouse project provides high acoustic performance, tall spans, and an ambitious use of space. Collaboration with the architect for a cohesive approach was imperative to best respond to ongoing developments for programmatic aspirations and budget constraints. An example is how the team coordinated with the architect to marry the technical realities of the curtain wall wind girts and exposed girder trusses with a harmonized design aesthetic. Through close communication and visualizations, coordination within the design team helped push project development even while juggling these constraints.

The addition and expansion provide educational entertainment offerings to a diverse audience. The new venue offers the community expanded offerings for local performing arts organizations and touring performances.