University of Florida Condron Ballpark at Alfred A. McKethan


University of Florida


Construction Cost: $55.5 M
Completion Date: 2020
Project Size:
270,000 SF
135,000 SF Building
7,000-seats (4,200 fixed)
360-degree open concourse 

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University of Florida Condron Ballpark at Alfred A. McKethan


The University of Florida athletics department initiated a master plan in order to boost the experience of all who come to play and spectate in their facilities. Among other things, the master plan called for a new baseball stadium and a new football training complex. Rather than displacing the baseball team for an extended period by rebuilding on the same site, they decided to move baseball to a new home on the outskirts of campus near the softball complex. This location not only provided a convenient, new space for baseball, but also made room for a new football training complex on the site of the old baseball stadium.

Early design iterations were required to ensure the owner’s design vision aligned with the construction budget. While an essential activity, the additional time spent on this alignment jeopardized the entire project schedule. To overcome this challenge, Walter P Moore’s integrated structural engineering and construction engineering team prepared the steel fabrication (LOD400) model as the structural design was completed. This provided several benefits to the project. First, it allowed the team to coordinate and finalize the design prior to securing the steel mill order. Second, this method allowed for a more thorough understanding of the design intent by prospective subcontractors, which helped reduce uncertainty and risk. Finally, this greatly reduced both the number of RFI’s and turnaround time for shop drawings, further reducing schedule risk.

Walter P Moore utilized our extensive sports design experience plus a reformatted delivery process to help achieve the owner’s vision for this new stadium. Our integrated services helped bridge the gap between design and construction, providing a more seamless transition from concept to reality.