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Post-Earthquake Damage Evaluation of Facilities


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Hall of State Historic Restoration

Cultural Facilities

The exterior of Bank of America Stadium, which is curved and features an entryway of glass windows and doors. The street around the stadium is clean and smooth pavement, lined with neatly manicured shrubs, grass and trees.

Bank of America Stadium Renovations


The south entrance to the University of Houston University Center has a large red sign, three flag poles, and a circular driveway.

University of Houston University Center


The Virtuoso statue in its new location on the northwest side of the Lyric Centre.

Virtuoso Statue Relocation


A bright and airy two-level atrium features a skylight and ample seating on both levels, where patients and visitors to the medical complex move about. Centered above the atrium, at the second level, a large mural of Jesus Christ fills the entire length of the space.

Houston Methodist Arms of Christ Mural Relocation


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George R. Brown Convention Center Renovation


Palm trees line the entrance to the UTMB clinical services wing.

Campus-Wide Flood Mitigation Program Management and Design


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Kansas City Live!

Mixed Use & Retail

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Daytona Rising


The Tobin Center is lit up at night with palm trees and a dark blue sky.

Tobin Center for the Performing Arts


The renovated Gaillard Center has decorative light and a front courtyard.

The Charleston Gaillard Center

Cultural Facilities


Los Angeles International Airport Terminal 4 Connector


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Cooling Tower Repairs

Public Works

A northern view of Kansas City's historic auditorium, which features three inlaid and carved medallions, and an entryway topped with three flag staffs.

Municipal Auditorium Exterior Restoration

Cultural Facilities

The Bethel Church Park is an open-to-the-air structure.

Bethel Church Park

Cultural Facilities

The underside of two elevated roadway bridges, crossing over one another and a roadway below. The centrally-features concrete support shows many cracks that have been filled with an epoxy injection.

Beltway 8 Tollway Bridge Repair


The Arrowhead Stadium has multiple levels.

Arrowhead Stadium


A light-colored federal building, showcasing multi-pane windows and a raised entryway adorned with decorative concrete bollards, stands just beyond a red brick road bordered by palm trees. In the center of the building's outdoor promenade, an American flag stands taller than the building, waving in the breeze.

Alton Lennon Federal Building and U.S. Courthouse