Seismic Design

Walter P Moore has provided structural engineering services for hundreds of projects located in high seismic zones and our principals are industry-recognized experts in seismic design of new buildings and the seismic evaluation and rehabilitation of existing buildings.  The firm is highly regarded for its proven record of developing innovative seismic design technologies.

Many owners require more out of their buildings than the seismic performance expected from simply meeting the minimum building code standards.  They require them to remain operational following a major earthquake. We help building owners go beyond prescriptive seismic building codes that only protect the structure against collapse in an extreme earthquake. Using Performance-Based Engineering, cutting-edge technology, and the latest research and testing, we implement seismic structural systems best suited to the owner’s needs and building objectives. We develop creative, economical solutions tailored to each building's unique characteristics and responsive to each client's needs and performance goals.

Our seismic retrofit solutions do more than keep people safe... we're also contributing to community resiliency, saving resources and preserving the historic character of our communities.

Walter P Moore performs seismic evaluations and retrofits to give a second life to buildings of all types including historic structures, civic buildings, schools, recreation facilities, hospitals, laboratories, offices, and warehouses.   Our innovative solutions include center coring of unreinforced masonry walls, FRP fiber wrap, exterior buttresses, and integrated shear walls. Retrofitting buildings also saves them from obsolescence, helping maintain the character of our neighborhoods and reducing overall environmental impact.

Our goal? Delivering structures with more reliable seismic performance.

  • Complete seismic evaluation
  • Performance based design
  • Seismic retrofit
  • Site evaluation
  • Special strengthening materials and techniques