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UVA Health University Hospital Expansion


The exterior of a light-colored building with a row of windows along the right side, connected to a slightly taller matching color tower on the left. Below the windows, a row of pink flowering trees lines the side of the building.

Dallas Museum of Art Enclosure Consulting

Cultural Facilities

The upper sections of a curved, glass building facade where four workers hang from ropes while performing water leak testing.

Courthouse Curtain Wall & Fenestration System Investigation


A fully window-clad section of the building facade of the Coleman A. Young Municipal Center in Detroit.

Coleman A. Young Municipal Center Enclosure Consulting


The Comcast headquarters building towers nine stories over Truist Park, with glass windows from bottom to top and a covered rooftop enclosure.

Comcast Office Third Party Enclosure Review


Canadian planes are parked next to the hangar.

Superhangar Roof Study and Design


Outer view of one of the buildings in the St. David's Performance Center development in Austin, Texas.

St. David's Performance Center


The man is climbing up the side of the Koppers Building with ropes.

Koppers Building Rope Access Façade Assessment


An open-roof stadium with a towering cityscape backdrop against a vibrant blue sky.

Rogers Centre Roof Modernization


A light-colored federal building, showcasing multi-pane windows and a raised entryway adorned with decorative concrete bollards, stands just beyond a red brick road bordered by palm trees. In the center of the building's outdoor promenade, an American flag stands taller than the building, waving in the breeze.

Alton Lennon Federal Building and U.S. Courthouse