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Care deeply, act purposefully

Our people are bright, imaginative, confident, trustworthy, connected, approachable and most important, collaborative. We are a tightly knit team of experts who care immensely about bringing our clients’ goals to life. Our passion is palpable. Our purpose is clear. These are the people of Walter P Moore.

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Eric heumann 1x1 cropped 2016

Eric Heumann

Brent Hungerford

Brent Hungerford

Jonathan Hurff Cropped 2 2019 large

Jonathan Hurff

Amanda istre cropped 2018

Amanda Istre

Jim Jacobi

Jim Jacobi

Justin Jacobs Cropped 2024

Justin Jacobs

Jeff Jansing

Jeff Jansing

Portrait of Gabriel Jiminez on white background.

Gabriel Jimenez

S 210809 n8 large

Jamila Johnson

Adam johnson

Adam Johnson

Chris Kammerer Cropped 2022 large

Chris Kammerer

Portrait of Laura Karnath in business casual attire on a white background.

Laura Karnath

S 231115 N2 large

Patrick Kavanaugh

Dirk kestner cropped 2022 0

Dirk Kestner

S 231114 N4 large

Jennifer Kinard

S 190410 n24 large

Scott Kinney

Jeffrey Kobes Cropped 2024

Jeffrey Kobes

Erin Kueht Cropped 2 2019

Erin Kueht

Dave Landis Cropped 2024 large

Dave Landis

Thomas Langlitz Cropped 2024 large

Thomas Langlitz

Mark Larsen

Mark Larsen

Justin lawson cropped 2022

Justin Lawson

Brian Lewis Cropped 2024

Brian Lewis

Annie lo

Annie Lo

Brian Lozano Cropped 2024

Brian Lozano

Tom magnusson cropped

Tom Magnusson

Jim maradei cropped 2022

Jim Maradei

David martin 1x1 cropped 1 2014

David Martin

Scott martin cropped 2022

Scott Martin

Ricardo Martinez

Ricardo Martinez