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Care deeply, act purposefully

Our people are bright, imaginative, confident, trustworthy, connected, approachable and most important, collaborative. We are a tightly knit team of experts who care immensely about bringing our clients’ goals to life. Our passion is palpable. Our purpose is clear. These are the people of Walter P Moore.

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Jason bray 1x1 2014 principal

Jason Bray

Dan Brown Cropped 2024 large

Dan Brown

Jamie brueggeman cropped 2022

Jamie Brueggeman


Beth Bryan

Melissa Buffington Cropped 2022 large

Melissa Buffington

Luis buitrago 1

Luis Buitrago

Portrait of Margaux Burkholder on a while background.

Margaux Burkholder

Noah burwell rev2

Noah Burwell

Bret busse 1x1 cropped 3 2016 principal

Bret Busse

Ken byle cropped 2022

Ken Byle

S 220526 N28 large

Rachel Calafell

Rebekah campbell cropped temp

Rebekah Campbell

Chuck Cardwell

Chuck Cardwell

Portrait of Brian Caudle

Brian Caudle

Yavor cekov cropped 2022 0

Yavor Cekov

Shawn Cessna Cropped 2023 large

Shawn Cessna

S 230216 large

Robert Chamra

S 180710 N100 Muhammad Cheema

Muhammad Cheema

Ben cheplak cropped 2022

Ben Cheplak

S 240205 large

Ashpica Chhabra

Dilip choudhuri cropped 1 2021

Dilip Choudhuri

Doug coenen cropped

Doug Coenen

Headshot of Carly Connor

Carly Connor

S 180710 N126 Rick Craft

Rick Craft

Michele cyr cropped 2022

Michele Cyr

Cory Dayton

Cory Dayton

Guy decker cropped 2022

Guy Decker

Juan Diaz portrait.

Juan Diaz

Kelly Dillard portrait.

Kelly Dillard

Lee anne dixon cropped 1 2018

Lee Anne Dixon