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Care deeply, act purposefully

Our people are bright, imaginative, confident, trustworthy, connected, approachable and most important, collaborative. We are a tightly knit team of experts who care immensely about bringing our clients’ goals to life. Our passion is palpable. Our purpose is clear. These are the people of Walter P Moore.

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Kyle Dominisse

Joseph Dowd Cropped 2024 large

Joe Dowd

Ray drexler cropped principal

Ray Drexler

Sarah Evans Cropped 2022 large

Sarah Evans

Gustav fagerstrom 1x1 cropped 1 2016 0

Gustav Fagerström

Daniel falkenstine cropped 2022

Daniel Falkenstine

Jimmy Falls

Jimmy Falls

Justin Farr Cropped 2024

Justin Farr

Ernest Fields 1x1 Cropped 1 2016 Principal large

Ernie Fields

David Ford Cropped 2024 large

David Ford

Vicki ford cropped 2 2022 2

Vicki Ford

Edwin Friedrichs

Edwin Friedrichs

Jeff Frison Cropped 2 2020 large

Jeff Frison

S 221104 N7

Joe Gannon

Vanessa gauthier cropped 2022

Vanessa Gauthier

Scott gauthier cropped

Scott Gauthier

Diego Giraldo Cropped 2024 large

Diego Giraldo

Headshot of Jason Golzbein

Jason Golzbein

Cliff Greenlief Cropped 2024 large

Cliff Greenlief

Larry griffis 1x1 cropped 1 2015

Larry Griffis

S 200817 eladio guardia 2x2 300dpi shadow

Eladio Guardia

Heather Guillen Cropped 2024 large

Heather Guillen

Portrait of Balram Gupta in business casual attire on a white background.

Balram Gupta

Blair hanuschak cropped

Blair Hanuschak

Chris Harper Cropped 2023 large

Chris Harper

David harrington cropped 2022

David Harrington

Josh Heath Cropped 2024 large

Josh Heath

Leslie hemby cropped 2022

Leslie Hemby

S 211008 Matt Heringer

Matt Heringer

Daron Hester FINAL

Daron Hester