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An aerial shot of a four-way stop, where widened bicycle lanes are brightly denoted and sidewalks feature smooth pavement with ADA compliant on and off ramps.

31st Street Improvements

Public Works

There is a sign at the entrance to the Lakehurst neighborhood.

Lakehurst Neighborhood Street Improvements

Public Works

New roundabout created during Pleasant Valley Road improvements.

Pleasant Valley Road Improvements

Public Works

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Grand Prairie Flood Warning Phase 1

Public Works

A tiered retaining wall, resembling stairs and constructed with large stones held in place by wire mesh, provides protection to the higher ground and roadway above from the creek below.

Creekview Retaining Wall and Roadway Improvements

Public Works

Part of Sylvan Avenue with planted median and two lanes on each side of the street.

Sylvan Avenue Improvements

Public Works

The corner of a four-way stop street corner of Bagby showing a clean urban district with a multi-use building, ample parking, pedestrian walkways and young trees.

Bagby Streetscape and Paving Improvements


A lake with a pedestrian bridge in front of several buildings in the Springwoods Village community in Spring, Texas.

Springwoods Village Master Plan and Community Development

Mixed Use & Retail

Walter p moore midtown park 17oct2017 8

Midtown Superblock Park and Garage


Skyscrapers of downtown Orlando provide a backdrop against a large central lake, while a lush city park with abundant greenery and trees fills the foreground.

City of Orlando 15 Year Parking Master Plan

Parking Structures

Flooding is a problem in Harris County.

Flood Event Modeling Program

Public Works

The modern roundabout on Energy Drive helps control traffic flow.

Energy Drive at Springwoods Village

Public Works

Restoration cooling tower corrosion 0

Cooling Tower Repairs

Public Works

Outside of Valley Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant.

Valley Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant Repairs


There is a creek in the Springwoods Village.

Springwoods Village Drainage Master Plan

Public Works

Miles of pipeline were required for the water supply system.

Fort Cavazos Hangar Water Supply System

Public Works

New roundabout added to NW 72nd Street at the intersection with N Overland Drive in Kansas City.

NW 72nd Street Improvements

Public Works