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Preserving Aviation Landmarks: The Art of Being a Building Doctor
Wednesday, December 1  |  3:30 PM CT

Hosted by Walter P Moore


Presenter :

David Ford, PE, RRC, RWC, LEED AP

In the middle of the 20th century, travel by plane started to take off and a leader in the aviation industry was Trans World Airlines (TWA). TWA developed a unique business and workforce to provide transcontinental air travel. They also developed one-of-a-kind hangar structures to allow for the maintenance of their planes. Two of the hangar structures were built on the expansive open prairie lands of the Kansas City International Airport. The Narrowbody Hangar was designed and built using cutting-edge technology to allow for column-free open space for plane storage and maintenance. Years later, the eye-catching Superhangar was built to house more massive modern planes. In 2006, Walter P Moore started our investigation, analysis, and rehabilitation of the hangars. Our engineering consulting work there has been ongoing and continues in 2021, with the altruistic goal of preserving these historic building assets to last into the 22nd century. In this presentation, we will share our passion for preserving these landmark engineering structures.

Facades Plus: The Next Generation of High-Performance Buildings
Friday, December 3  |  10:30 - 11:30 AM PST

Hosted by Facades Plus


Moderator :

Gustav Fagerström, ARB

The Pacific Northwest leads the way in reducing buildings' impact on climate. Increasing attention is paid to implementing responsible practices through facade design and is driving the industry forward. Energy codes, zoning, and standards are evolving to keep up with the demand to design with a light touch on the environment. Experts will present high-performance projects that deploy strategies that reduce carbon, incorporate healthy materials, and drastically cut energy usage.

Guidelines For Handling a Cyber Security Breach
Thursday, December 9  |  2:00 PM CST

Hosted by WPM Technology


Presenters :

Mason Pokladnik, CISSP, CISA
Michael Brown

As the client demand for cybersecurity increases, it's more crucial than ever to not only have security measures but also, a response plan in place.

Join Mason Pokladnik and Michael Brown as they outline recommended practices for responding to a cybersecurity breach. Using a virtual case study, they'll also demonstrate the response process and discuss critical components of cybersecurity plans.


  • Understand current cybersecurity risks and the threat environment, what has changed with the pandemic
  • Guidelines for developing an Incident Response Plan and a step-by-step response to a security breach
  • Strengthen security controls in their organization for a Defense-In-Depth Program

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