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Designing for Lasting Impact - Methods Behind Enclosure Design and Performance
Friday, May 14  |  12:00 PM EDT

Hosted by Walter P Moore


Presenters :

Kais Al-Rawi, AIA
Dirk Kestner, PE, SE, LEED AP BD+C, ENV SP
Laura Karnath, AIA, NCARB
Gustav Fagerström, ARB

The Chase Center Arena cladding is a unique assembly and composition of surfaces utilizing three very different primary materials: insulated glass for the atria, monolithic opaque panels for the base of the building, and a pearlescent white painted metal panel for the majority of the cladding that gives the arena its unique and signature look. The lecture showcases the design and engineering process of the facade systems, outlining geometric and weatherization strategy, documentation and construction.

Learning Objectives

  • Explore the pros and cons of an architectural cladding and cavity wall design with the waterproofing assembly.
  • Summarize the performance characteristics of a mega panel unitized system, including the continuous insulation and weather-resistive barrier layers.
  • Describe the fabrication engineering process of glass and metal mega panel unitized systems, including mock-up, testing and installation procedures.
  • Apply insulation and waterproofing design concepts to the case study project.

A Lighthouse and a Tower: San Francisco's Torch for Travelers
Monday, May 17  |  6:00 PM EDT

Hosted by ACE Mentor and Walter P Moore


Presenters :

Rafael Sabelli, AIA

The San Francisco International Airport features a 220-foot-tall air-traffic control tower with an iconic, torch-like design that has become the symbol of the airport. This majestic tower utilizes an innovative self-centering system that not only resists earthquake damage but corrects it by restoring the tower to vertical after a severe earthquake. The design was a collaboration of dedicated structural engineers working to provide a one-of-a-kind centerpiece for an airport in a severe seismic zone. The project is the winner of multiple awards, including the 2016 ACEC Grand Conceptor Award and the 2016 NCSEA Excellence in Structural Engineering Outstanding Project Award.


Restoring Texas’ Historic Art Deco Icon
Thursday, May 20  |  12:00 - 1:00 PM EDT

Hosted by IIBEC


Presenter :

Jeffrey Kobes, PE, SE and
Jackie Byndas Prakhov, PE

Learning Objectives

  • Identify Non-Destructive and Destructive Investigation Methods for Historic Renovation Projects
  • Discuss differences in restoration and historical restoration standards
  • Process, considerations, and challenges for historic façade repair
  • Process, considerations, and challenges for historic waterproofing repairs

Dallas, Texas boasts world-renowned architecture, including the Hall of State building at Fair Park. This National Historic Landmark, constructed in 1936 for the World’s Fair, is considered the most significant Art Deco building in the State of Texas. To this day, it remains an important centerpiece for the State Fair of Texas, greeting two million visitors annually. Despite its status, continued use left the icon crumbling and plagued by leaks, putting historic artifacts at risk. Walter P Moore was enlisted to assess the damage extent of the limestone veneer and determine the sources of water infiltration. Upon completion of the investigation, repairs were designed for the deteriorated limestone veneer, long term water infiltration at the plaza and basement, roof leaks, deteriorated sealant at the historic windows, and determining the appropriate cleaning methods for the iconic, soft, Cordova Cream limestone cladding. Preserving historic buildings also brings additional challenges, including material compatibility, efforts to retain historic building materials, ensuring repairs will not impact the historic aesthetic, and meeting Texas Historical Commission requirements. This presentation will discuss overcoming the challenges of delivering the Hall of State project in time for the world-renowned Texas State Fair.

Innovating Multi-material Enclosures
Thursday, June 24  |  10:40 – 11:20 AM EDT

Hosted by Facades+ Southeast


Presenter :

Kais Al-Rawi, AIA

The proliferation of advanced engineering and fabrication techniques is pushing the limits of facade design, specifically that of multi-material enclosures. This panel will feature Niel Prunier and Manzer Mirkar from HKS, Kais Al-Rawi from Walter P Moore, and Dave Powell and Chris Davis from Hastings Architecture, who will explore the unique technical challenges and methods for designing and constructing large scale projects that use multiple cladding techniques or multiple interfaces. The projects they will present, Sofi Stadium in Los Angeles and the Bridge Building in Nashville, offer an opportunity to examine these techniques at different scales and place them in conversation. Such projects are increasingly prescient today with new standards for contemporary outdoor capacity demands and the call for materiality to speak to its contextual site.

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